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The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Denim

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Denim is one of the most versatile materials out there. It can be dressed up or dressed down, making it a favorite staple in most people’s wardrobes. However, wearing denim can be a tricky business if you’re not careful with your outfit choices. Here are some dos and don’ts of wearing denim to help you master the art of denim styling.

DO: Choose the Right Fit

The fit is everything when it comes to wearing denim. Make sure to choose denim that fits you well, not too tight or too loose. When trying on denim, make sure you can comfortably move your legs, sitting down and bending your knees without feeling restricted.

DON’T: Overdo Denim

While wearing denim from head to toe might have been a trend in the past, it’s now considered a fashion faux pas. Avoid wearing denim in all of your outfit’s layers, whether it’s denim shirts, pants, jackets, or hats. Opt for a combination of denim and other materials for a balanced look.

DO: Experiment with Different Styles

Denim comes in various styles and finishes. Experiment with different styles like high-waisted mom jeans, cropped flare, straight leg, or denim skirts. Find what fits your body type best and what you feel comfortable in.

DON’T: Wear Faded or Distressed Denim in Formal Settings

Distressed and faded denim adds a casual vibe to any outfit. Although it may look great on some occasions, avoid wearing it in formal settings like the office or weddings. Save the distressed denim for casual outings like coffee dates, concerts, and brunches.

DO: Accessorize with Denim

Wearing denim doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to only jeans and jackets. Accessorize with denim pieces like hats, bags, or shoes. It’s an excellent way of incorporating denim into your outfit without going overboard.

DON’T: Wear Denim to Swim

As much as we love seeing denim in different styles and outfits, it’s not suitable as swimwear. Denim is a thick fabric that won’t dry quickly when wet. It can also cause chaffing and rashes when worn for extended periods of time while wet.

DO: Break the Rules

Fashion is all about breaking the rules, so don’t feel limited by what you should or shouldn’t do with denim. Play around with different styles and combine different fabrics to create unique looks. Fashion is about expression and creativity, so have fun with your denim styling.

In conclusion, denim is a fashion staple that can be worn in various styles and combinations. Remember to choose the right fit, avoid overdoing denim, experiment with different styles, accessorize, and break the rules. With these dos and don’ts, you’ll master the art of denim styling in no time.

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